About Me

I have been reading and listening to stories since a ridiculously early age. The daughter of a British lit teacher (and self-professed Anglophile) I had little hope of avoiding my mother’s apparently genetic predisposition to the written word. Saved by Grace and strong female influences in my life (you know who you are), I am a planner and organizer at heart. My eclectic taste in books include:  mystery, horror, memoir, nonfiction, fantasy, classics, women’s fiction, YA and especially those well-written comedies with a snarky tone.

As a mom to two rough and tumble little boys, I spend much of my time breaking up fights, checking homework and searching for the source of random smells. When I am not acting as a referee, reading, momming or making lists, I love cooking real food, running (slowly), taking photos and drinking the occasional glass of wine.

I am very happily married to an amazingly supportive and patient man and live outside of Dallas, Texas, with my precious family and two dogs: one pure bred dachshund and one sweet mixed large-breed female dog who was found on the side of the road but who actually rescued me.

If I am not here writing about the latest meal I am cooking or book I am reading, you can find me on social media (Instagram, Facebook). If you want to reach out to me directly, you can email me: claire@bookloverspizza.com.

Welcome to a little glimpse of my “slice!”