Fall Fashion, Dallas Book Instagram Love and Spooky Reads for October…

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  • Fall weather is slllloooowwwly approaching here in the Dallas area (Highs in the upper 80s late next week. Yay. Slow clap.), so I am optimistically getting my wardrobe ready with this new purchase.
  • I adore this article calling out some of my favorite book Instagram (#bookstagram) accounts. TWO of them are my fellow Dallas book lovers (#bookstagrammers). I could NOT agree more!
  • As I patiently wait for it to cool down, I am doing my normal Texas girl thing and finding pieces that transcend climate. Think: dark or fall-colored shorts and flip flops or these.
  • Continuing to collect ALL the spooky reads for my Fall TBR. Love this list. My post about creepy books to read this Fall is coming soon!
  • On the docket for the weekend: cooking, reading and college football. (Gonna watch my Texas Tech Red Raiders face a formidable foe: #6 Oklahoma). Happy Friday!

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Recipe: BBQ Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole – keep the whole family happy with this healthy and easy casserole.

What’s happening in your slice?

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