Slice of Life: Summer Vacation Reads, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Teaching Kids About Money…

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Slice of Life is a regular update on the latest in my life. This is where I write about my books, movies, tv, food, fashion, family or whatever subjects are on my mind that week. It’s just a little glimpse of my slice.

  1. I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July! We were visiting family so I did not get this post out last week. The good news is that I have double the books to report below because I got a lot of reading done in the car (audio) and sitting by the pool at my in-laws.
  2. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts today (for early access)! This is an amazing sale because instead of stale, last-season items, Nordstrom brilliantly includes many upcoming Fall fashions. Guides to the sale from some of my favorite bloggers here and here. If you have a Nordstrom credit card, you can get early access, but I usually find at least one or two pieces for Fall just by shopping in the early days of regular access.
  3. We are working on teaching our kids about money and the summer is such a good time to focus on this. We give them summer chores (during the school year, school is their “job”) and they get an allowance each week. Now, what to do with that money that has accrued? I have a few techniques to encourage thinking through their purchases and also having discipline to save, but I recently found this piggy bank that I am thinking could supplement my efforts effectively.

On the Blog this Week:

Grilled Corn and Tomato Salad (actually from last week) – so simple and yet, so delicious!

Book Review: The Gown by Jennifer Robson – my little Anglophile heart really loved this book (and the corresponding recipe is TO DIE FOR).

Recipe: Friday Night Chicken – from the aforementioned book, The Gown.

Currently Reading:

I absolutely adore pretty much everything that Lisa Lutz has ever written so I was super excited to be able to get my hands on her new book, The Swallows (out August 13th) from NetGalley and Random House Ballantine Books (in exchange for my honest review). I am only about halfway in, but I am loving it so far. I have had a paperback copy of Little Darlings for a few months and picked it up recently. I have heard good things and so far it is living up to them.

Just Finished:

I finished the audio of The Which Way Tree and will be talking more about it soon as I thought it was totally spectacular and right up my reading street! Mostly the same can be said for Salt Fat Acid Heat, and I can’t believe I waited so long to read it. I promptly ordered a hard copy for my cookbook shelf. The Unhoneymooners was really cute for a romance-y book. I don’t normally go for that genre, but I would reach for more of their books (“Christina Lauren” is the mashed up name of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings who are a writing team) in the future when I am looking for something light and fun.

Did Not Finish:

Still working on Inheritance (E-book, Kindle app) as I hope to have a buddy read with my friend one day soon (maybe)? But I have set it aside for now. I was liking Celine (E-book, Libby app) but my hold was up before I finished (at about 53%) and there are literally too many other books to read so I let it go. Hope to go back to it sometime!

Likely Up Next:

I reported recently that I had scored a copy of Wild Fire at the library as I read and enjoyed Raven Black (first in the Shetland series), and I was wanting to check out book two. WELL, this is book #8 in the series, NOT book #2 so I will be seeking out a copy of White Nights, the ACTUAL #2 book in the Shetland series soon! Stay tuned! Taking The River with me on vacation soon, and I am so excited about it as we will be staying in a cabin on a river.

Listening to:

Circe is on pretty much every audio book list out there and after listening to this episode of Currently Reading podcast, I finally broke down and started it. I am hooked.

Recent TBR Additions:

I have been scouring the internet for audio book suggestions the whole family will enjoy and these are two finalists I am looking at listening to in the car for our upcoming vacation road trip. I have a husband who likes mystery but mostly listens to and loves very dry nonfiction, two boys (ages 5 and 7) who are a little video game crazy at the moment and myself who likes a little bit of everything. HELP?!

What’s happening in your slice?

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