3 Highly Anticipated Summer 2019 New Releases


I mostly like to read backlist book titles because there are so many and they are cheaper and easier to get my hands on (i.e. inexpensive paperback, library, etc). However, sometimes I seek out new release books from a favorite author, one that I see recommended by my book buddies on social media (especially Instagram) or maybe I read about it on one of my favorite books and reading blogs. I am still in the process of learning how to get an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) and since I am so new to the blogging and reviewing world, I have not mastered that skill just yet. It is only a matter of time, right?

Until all my favorite authors and publishers are absolutely clamoring to get me the latest copy of their buzzy new release novel in advance of it’s release to the public, I have to wait just like everyone else until publication day. Here are the three new releases I am most excited about right now.

How Not to Die Alone (May 2019)

Andrew’s job is to search for the next of kin for people who die alone. However, he gets to come home every day to a wife and kids who make his life full. The problem is, they are just a fantasy. The little while lie he told to his coworkers to make his life seem better has now become a secret that helps him cope with his dreary life and job. However, now that Peggy has come into his life, he must choose between this safe world of his creation or a new life and all the risks that come with it. 

Honestly We Meant Well by Grant Ginder (June 2019)

Sue Ellen’s life seems picture perfect until she discovers her loving husband is actually cheating and her model student son is making a mess of his life. To help bring her family back from the brink, Sue Ellen takes them with her on a month-long work trip to Greece, where she once fell in love herself. Showing the comedic side of family drama, this highly anticipated new release (out June 11th) is a both funny and sad look at family life and how sometimes we all just need a fresh start.

The Swallows by Lisa Lutz (August 2019)

Mysterious young teacher Alexandra Witt arrives at Stonebridge Academy, a not so elite boarding school, and immediately makes waves. Advising one of her young female students to stand up for herself, she incites a gender war amongst the students. After a favorite student also uncovers some dark secrets about the school, the situation quickly escalates and Alex is faced with how to find a way out of a potentially deadly situation. Told from the perspective of four different and not so reliable narrators, this suspenseful and provocative new novel (out August 13th) from best-selling author Lisa Lutz shows the scary consequences of long-held dark secrets.

2 thoughts on “3 Highly Anticipated Summer 2019 New Releases

    1. I JUST finished an ARC of Honestly We Meant Well and it was a bit of a disappointment. Going to write more about it later. The other two I just got approved for (I am SUPER new to the book blogging and reviewing world)….these are my first ARCs (through NetGalley).

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