6 Ways I Plan on Finding Balance in the New Year

New year resolutions for 2020


Hello and Happy New Year!

I took a bit of a break over the past week…actually, it was kind of an accident.

I planned on doing so much more on the blog this week but the way things fell this year with not much time between Thanksgiving and Christmas kicked. My. Butt.

Anyway, we had a great holiday and now, I am looking forward to 2020!

Each year, I take stock of the year before and use January to do a bit of a reset. It’s a reset on health and fitness, a reset on my schedule….really a reset on everything going on in my daily life that I see as contributing to my overall success and health as a person.

Of course, I have a few new goals but sometimes it is just about reinstating some old favorites after the excesses and celebration of November and December get the better of me.

All in all, the start of a new year is just a great time to take stock of the year before and decide what needs to be different. It’s a time to take a step back and change any daily habits that have gotten out of whack and reinstate balance in life.

Resets are always so helpful to get back to the core of what really works and to stamp out the bad habits that have formed over months of schedule change.

Ever since my kids have been in school, I have done this two times/year: Jan 1st and then again when school starts around Aug 15th.

Doing this twice per year helps to keep me honest (with a mid-year check-in on habits, goals, etc.) but also those are the natural times for changing schedules for everyone in our house, so it is just a good time to take stock, reinstate healthy habits and try out some new ones.

Here are my six goals for 2020:

Improve my diet

Starting today, I am on a super clean eating plan. This means, NO alcohol for the month of January (aka “Dry January”), no traditional pizza (but might have a cheat night or two w/ cauliflower crust pizza, I’m human after all), and I am adding something I have never tried before: fasting. I will be trying a 14-hour daily fast time period. So, the plan is to eat dinner by 6:30 and then don’t eat again until after 8:30 (except coffee). All of this will be strict in January, and then I will gradually add in random cheat meals (read: all the pizza) and a glass of wine or two (ahem, or three?) slowly once the month is over. I have done this a few years in a row, and I always feel pretty awesome at the end of January and it makes me want to keep going into the rest of the year (again, allowing for some indulgences here and there.) I can’t wait to experiment with some good, healthy recipes. Don’t worry, I plan on sharing them here!

Get back to my regular fitness schedule

This means running or walking four times during the week and when time permits on the weekends. My goal will be to get this done first thing in the morning as early as possible to get it out of the way for the day. For some reason, as the day goes by, so does my will to exercise.

Plan one-on-one time with each kid monthly

This is a total new one. My boys (5 and 7) are close in age, so I tend to group them for everything. They each have different interests and unique outlooks, concerns, etc, so why do I always treat them like the same person? This is something I would like to change this year so, I plan on doing some intentional one on one time with each kid monthly. It will be going to a movie or grabbing a snow cone or whatever way I can fit in to devote a little focused time between me and that kid. (And I will also encourage and help facilitate Dad, aka Mr. BLP, to do this too.)

Get one load of laundry done per day or just don’t save it all for afternoon

This is NOT a new one. But it will be new if I actually DO IT. I know this is not unique to me but laundry is a constant battle in our house. When I save it all for one day, that day ends up getting pretty wasted. If I can do laundry little by little, I don’t lose an entire afternoon of time. This may seem like one small thing in a week chock full of activities and responsibilities but schedule-wise for me, this would be a GAME CHANGER.

Give kids more responsibility

My kids are pretty good about the chores they currently have (help with cleaning and straightening house, setting table for dinner, empty dishwasher, trash duty, etc.) but each year, we usually add a few more. This helps to increase things slowly and as we feel they are ready. I foresee some additional morning responsibilities in their future, but I might also add laundry folding (see #4).

Spiritual time each day

I am pretty good about getting up early every morning for quiet time. I just don’t always carve out much time for my spiritual health. Then, when I forget or don’t have time in the morning, I throw my hands up and say oh well, I will try again tomorrow. This year, I am going to aim to get it done some time during the day, starting with morning. If I am not able to do it in the morning, I will work on adding it in to lunch, mid-afternoon or even in the evening before bed. The point is, stop making it have to be in the morning and maybe I will be more successful? (Also, I got this cute little daily prayer journal that I am hoping will encourage me to stick with it.)

So, those are going to be my main areas in my life I plan on making changes. Some are new and some are ones I try year after year, but it is definitely the first time I am sharing them for the world to see. Maybe the accountability will help?

Note: I am doing a separate post on my bookish new years resolutions….stay tuned for my “Mood Reader’s Guide to Bookish Goals in 2020!”

What ways are you looking to change in the New Year? Do you stick with your New Years resolutions or find they are hard to keep?

2 thoughts on “6 Ways I Plan on Finding Balance in the New Year

    1. Trying! So far (a week in) I have done 1/2 loads per day for the most part. I think the key for me is not to throw my hands up and give up if I miss one day. It’s a work in progress….

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