Book Review: On a Quiet Street by J.L. Doucette


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Paperback (She Writes Press), Rating: 🍕🍕🍕 (3/5 Slices)

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from She Writes Press in exchange for my honest review. This is my first ever Advance Review Copy (ARC), see my book blogging behind the scenes post about how I received it.

This is truly my kind of book. In the opening scene, the opening sentence, in fact, Stacy Hart lies dead. Standing over her lifeless body is one of the main suspects and he is trying to decide what to do – stay or make a run for it. I truly was sucked into the story immediately as the characters enter one by one and their connection to the victim is unveiled, in slow burn fashion. Stacy’s murder is being investigated by Detective Beau Antelope with aid from Dr. Pepper Hunt, the forensic psychologist who has also been treating Stacy’s brother, Max. Hunt and Antelope have a bit of a past, as unveiled early in the book, they shared a case previously (this is the second in the series after all) and the romantic tension between them is palpable.

In fashion true to this genre, suspicion builds each time you meet a new character and initially, it seems like it could go so many different ways. I loved the tight straight-forward writing and the complicated characters, each grieving for the victim but each with their own struggles and weaknesses. With Antelope on the case interviewing each character connected to Stacy, including her fiance who is a local prosecutor, a dark secret from the past of several of the suspects is unveiled.

There is something about a Wyoming setting that draws me in. The characters have a toughness and also a resiliency that I admire. With the violent weather and landscape playing such a big part in the story, I would have liked a little more in the way of descriptions of their surroundings to help me form a better picture and to help immerse me in their world. There were some twists and surprises, but it was not too difficult to solve the mystery or at least have a pretty good guess as to who the killer was by about halfway through. Still, I was unsure as to the motives and, regardless, was very interested to come along for the ride and find out how it would all be wrapped up.

All in all, I found On a Quiet Street to be a very solid “who done it” murder mystery that I enjoyed. As a bonus, it will always hold a special spot on my bookshelf as my very first physical ARC to read and write about.

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