Slice of Life: CIRCE Coming to the Big Screen, Trader Joe’s Favorites and Summer Ending Soon…

Reaching for delicious pizza


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Slice of Life is a regular update on the latest in my life. This is where I write about my books, movies, tv, food, fashion, family or whatever subjects are on my mind that week. It’s just a little glimpse of my slice.

  1. I recently listened to Circe by Madeline Miller on audio and absolutely loved it so I was very excited to hear this. I am stoked!
  2. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s very close, but I used to go there a ton when I lived in Northern Virginia (loved me some “2 Buck Chuck” wine in my 20s). We stopped in recently on a trip into Dallas, and I am thinking about trekking into the big city more often and stopping in to stock up on some of their specialty items. Here are a few I need to add to my list.
  3. I am definitely trying this pizza dough recipe ASAP. The secret ingredient is beer. Who knew?
  4. This blogging thing is tough! I am still juggling writing with ensuring my kids have a magical summer (ha!), and I am barely keeping my head above water. But friends, school starts for us in. three. weeks. I have all kinds of plans for the Fall so stay tuned!

On the Blog this Week:

A Book Blogging Breakthrough: My First Physical ARC (Advance Reader Copy) Book – totally thrilled, honored and excited to receive my first ever actual printed book from a publisher to review.

Book Review: On a Quiet Street by J.L. Doucette – this is my review of the aforementioned first ever physical book ARC I have received. Verdict: Solid murder mystery.

Currently Reading:

After a couple DNFs (see below), I was finally able to start The Kiss Quotient. I was pre-warned that it is a little on the steamy side, and I think that helped me go into it with more of an open mind. (And also not to crack it until I was in the mood for that). Enjoying it so far!

Just Finished:

I really enjoyed Little Darlings which was a creepy supernatural changeling story although I do wish the end had a bit more to it. I finished and reviewed my first ever physical ARC On a Quiet Street. I was a little disappointed in Girls Like Us but participated in and loved the Instagram book discussion recently lead by my Dallas Booksta-buddies Katie from @basicbsguide and Jamie from @readwithjamie. I thought the story was just a little “blah,” but I loved the strong female lead character and the writing and am intrigued to check out The Banker’s Wife.

Did Not Finish:

Unpopular opinon alert: I DNFed the audio of Where the Crawdads Sing. I just could not handle that poor, sweet girl who was left to fend for herself in the marsh and then add in what I thought were some pretty cliched characters (sorry!!) and finally a completely outlandish romance angle. I started reading and was really enjoying Class Mom (Libby, library app) and might go back to it, but when she started her extra-marital text flirting, I decided to put it down.

Likely Up Next:

I found out earlier this week that I was approved for an e-ARC of The Long Call (out Sept 3), and I could not be more excited to start it. (Many thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for my free review copy.) Song of Achilles was also listed here last week, but I still have not been able to get going on it. My copy is well-traveled as I have been dragging it around everywhere, but just have not cracked it yet.

Listening to:

I downloaded the audio of The Princess Diarist through Libby (library app) partially because it was on the “available now” list and partially because I am fascinated with celebrities and Star Wars (who isn’t?). She has made me laugh when I have seen her interviewed in the past so thought it would be fun and humorous. So far, I was right on target.

Recent TBR Additions:

I recently heard about The Hunger which kind of sounds like The Donner Party meets Predator. I have added it to my list of scary books to read in the Fall. (As of the writing of this post, the Kindle version was on sale for $1.99.) I am toying with the idea of putting a moratorium on adding new books to my TBR for awhile and trying to work on getting through the ones already on there. Or maybe overhauling it to make it more realistic? I welcome any comments or suggestions!

What’s happening in your slice?

1 thought on “Slice of Life: CIRCE Coming to the Big Screen, Trader Joe’s Favorites and Summer Ending Soon…

  1. I loved LITTLE DARLINGS. It totally engrossed me, but I love changeling and fairy stories. I thought this one was superbly done. Also, excited that CIRCE will be brought to the screen. I can’t wait to see it brought to life. And, yes, blogging is tough. Trying to fit it into your “regular” world feels almost impossible some days. Try different posting,cooking, reading rhythms, and see what works best for you. What works may also change over time, so be prepared for that. 🙂 Just remember that YOU are in charge of your blog! So, you do what you need/want to. You’re your own boss!

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