Slice of Life: Fashion Bloggers, Mother’s Day Presents and a Binge-worthy TV Show

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Slice of Life is a regular update on the latest in my life. This is where I write about my books, movies, tv, food, fashion, family or whatever subjects are on my mind that week. It’s just a little glimpse of my “slice.”

  1. I am a busy mom that never has time to go shopping anymore. On top of the time issue, I used to love shopping for clothes in my teens and 20s, but now I just want to look cute without having to put in much effort. So, I rely on fashion bloggers (my two favorites: The Mom Edit and Sheaffer Told Me To) to keep me in style while also not having to devote much time and effort. My favorite is when they look through some of the big online sales and cherry pick the best pieces. It is maybe a little ridiculous, but I find that I don’t even have the time to search through websites anymore.
  2. I got these for Mother’s Day from my family. Ok, so what I really did was tell my husband, “I am ordering these for my Mother’s Day gift,” and he said “cool.” This is not always how we give gifts, but lately life is a little hectic. Do you like surprises or are you ok with ordering your own gifts? (Note: this was a little bit of an extravagant purchase for me as that is a little more than I would normally pay for glorified flip flops, but I do practically live in shoes like this during the summer.)
  3. I am working on summer chores for my boys. During the school year, their job is school so in the summer, we give them a few chores they have to do (and depending on how well they do, they also might get an allowance for doing them). These are on top of their “regular” chores – cleaning up, hanging up clothes, etc. They are just starting to be old enough to do real work (they are 5 and 7) so it is a little challenging to find things for them to do. What extra chores do your kids do in the summer?
  4. This week, reading has taken a back seat because we have been watching the new season of Shetland. Who else watches this? It keeps me up way past my bedtime for sure.

On the Blog this Week:

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Summer is for Thrillers #2: Slow Burn Mysteries

Currently Reading:

I am very close to the end of this one. It’s decent and well-written, but overall I have been a little disappointed. I think I just don’t really like domestic suspense/drama.

Just finished this one (eARC from NetGalley) and really enjoyed it. It releases May 28th. More soon!

Likely Up Next:

3 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Fashion Bloggers, Mother’s Day Presents and a Binge-worthy TV Show

  1. The Mother-In Law looks good. i remember those days when my girls were young and I had no time for really looking and shopping for clothes. Oh how I wish online shopping was more available back then:)

  2. Oh I love using fashion bloggers to update my wardrobe. I need to check those two out!!

  3. I do like a good thriller — but I’m sure they’re not for everyone. I too like looking at fashion bloggers, especially the ones who alert you to cute sale items. I hate to shop!

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