My Favorite Books from Childhood


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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is favorite books from your childhood.

I will be honest, I had a hard time coming up with this list. These are a few definite standouts, but they also all kind of seem to be your pretty standard fare classic childrens or middle grade books. I have been racking my brain because I am sure I read something else in between these that was more on the different side, but I just plain can’t remember that far back (I am old and my memory is failing).

I decided to define “childhood” as being 2nd or 3rd grade through about middle school because I wanted to write about chapter books and not picture books. The chapter books are the ones I seem to think about more and that had the most influence on my current reading life.

Where the Red Fern Grows: I am pretty sure most dog lovers will agree that this one is a must.

Bridge to Terabithia: I loved it, but I think this one traumatized me and is the main culprit in why I don’t like books that make me cry now.

The Secret Garden: I just remember my mom encouraging me to read this one constantly. I would start it and then get put off by the spoiled brat main character. Oh, characters can change? They can learn something over the course of a book and start out unlikable and then become lovable? This was my first experience with this concept.

The Hobbit: I read this in possibly the coolest 6th grade English class known to man (or at least for this nerd it was). Mrs. Brooks (I will never forget her) then proceeded to press the next three books into my hands which I ripped through voraciously.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy: I read these three books in middle school and then re-read them before the movies came out. Possibly the only books I have ever read more than once.

The Dollhouse Murders: This stands out for me as probably my first scary or dark-ish book and was a good solid foundation for my current love for the mystery genre as an adult.

Anne of Green Gables: Need I say anything about this one? Precocious tween with a bosum buddy best friend and a big imagination coupled with probably one of the most iconic settings in all of literature. LOVE.

What are your favorite books from childhood? Feel free to list your TTT below!

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Books from Childhood

  1. The Dollhouse Murders was so creepy and perfectly age-appropriately scary. I loved all of Betty Ren Wright’s straightforward ghost stories, too. Even enjoy looking back at them as an adult.

    In non-creepy dollhouse books, “When The Dolls Woke” was one of my favorites too.

  2. I remember watching the movie version of Where the Red Fern Grows and bawling my eyes out. I don’t think I ever read the book, though. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES was a big favorite for me. I’ve never been a fan of THE BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. Not sure why. Just not a book (or movie, for that matter) that I connected with.

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