Slice of Life: New Fall Tunics, Mindhunter and a New Regular Book Update Post Coming Soon…

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Slice of Life is a regular update on the latest in my life. This is where I write about my books, movies, tv, food, fashion, family or whatever subjects are on my mind that week. It’s just a little glimpse of my slice.

  • I love this blog post and method for staying calm and grateful amongst life’s challenges.
  • JUST when I feared tunics would be deemed “SO last season.” Thank God for this post because I don’t think there is any better fashion invention than: the TUNIC.
  • New TV show obession: Mindhunter.
  • Per normal, I am four million years behind everyone else, but I have recently developed an addiction to Starbucks and especially this drink. Working on a homemade version so stay tuned!
  • If you are a weekly reader of this blog, you know that this “Slice of Life” post comes out about once/week (usually on Friday or Saturday) and contains tidbits on my life, favorite links and just kind of whatever I feel like passing on. It also normally includes an update on my books (what I am reading, just finished, listening to, etc.) This week, I am leaving off the book section. In all honesty, I feel like this post has gotten way too long, so I am thinking about making my weekly book update it’s own regular weekly (or maybe bi-monthly?) standalone post. I would love to hear any thoughts or opinions you have about this in the comments!
  • Reading this weekend: Lost Girls of Paris

New on the Blog:

Book List: 8 Must-Read Fall New Releases – At last, my list of Fall new release books to watch out for (paired with a Fall recipe).

Recipe: Hearty Fall Turkey Chili – Get ready for Fall weather with this cozy, yummy and flavorful chili.

What’s happening in your slice?

1 thought on “Slice of Life: New Fall Tunics, Mindhunter and a New Regular Book Update Post Coming Soon…

  1. I’m with you on the tunic movement. From fall through spring, I barely put on jeans and instead live in leggings and long shirts that cover my rear (I guess now I know they’re called “tunics,” lol). It’s just so easy!!! And, honestly, some leggings I have are warmer than some jeans I have, so they are a necessity for the colder months. I don’t follow the Motherchic, but I follow Living in Yellow, and she posted something similar a few days ago:

    I know LIY and Motherchic both collaborate with Gibson sometimes, so there might be some overlap between their tunic suggestions. But, still…it’s fun to look! 🙂

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