Reading Whilst Listening to a Book, Lent and Lipstick…


My youngest son started out the week with a double ear infection so my schedule has been a little whacky trying to take care of him and also work, cook meals, take photos, read and write, etc.

I was able to finish several books including Winter Garden (here is my review). I loved Kristin Hannah’s latest books, The Nightingale and The Great Alone so I picked this one up, one of her earlier books, and I thought it was just ok. Still seeking out some of her other books and interested in reading them, though.

Instagram is full of book people raving about listening to a book on audio while also following along with the print version. I am wanting to try this but I have questions. First, it does not seem very cost effective – would you have to buy both versions? You could obviously use the library but given that books are not always available at the same time, I am not sure how that would work. When I am listening to an audio book, I am almost always doing something else (dishes, laundry, running, etc.) Have you tried reading and listening to a book simultaneously? Tell me about it in the comments!

Spring Break is stretched out ahead of us and I took some time off of work. I mostly work from home but I can’t wait to spend some time with my family without the pressures of having to constantly multi-task and steal moments to answer emails, make phone calls, etc. I really am blessed to have that kind of work situation but it is also nice to have a break.

Lent started this week and I decided, once again, to give up chocolate. This paves the way for some really spectacular chocolate desserts for Easter and I can’t wait to share them here as well. In the past, I have made this cake to go with Easter lunch. Stay tuned! Any chocolate dishes I should try? Let me know in the comments!

I have been wanting to get this lipstick ever since I read this post.

It’s Women’s History month – check out this great list of 10 books about overlooked women in history.

That is all! Hope you all are having a great weekend…I might be a little absent from the blog next week as we enjoy Spring Break. Come see me on Instagram!

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