Returning Audible Books, Sous Vide Cooking and Mother’s Day Traditions…


  1. I am always looking for new and interesting cooking techniques, methods, tools, etc. and I saw this really cool collection of cookbooks on Book Riot recently. Do you do sous vide?
  2. We are deep into our summer planning mode, and I am faced with my normal struggles of trying not to over plan my kids. I want summer to be about lazy days, rest, reading and using our creativity to have fun (with maybe a few chores or projects thrown in), but I get distracted by all the fun day camps, swim lessons, and other available activities. What are your plans for the summer? Do you schedule the whole summer or allow more time for spontaneity?
  3. Did you know you can return audio books on Audible even after you have listened to them? Somehow, I did not. I recently discovered this little piece of info, and it is a revelation.
  4. Mother’s Day is this weekend and we are planning on going out to lunch after church. I love to cook, but this is a day I want someone else to cook for me. What are your Mother’s Day traditions?
  5. I released the first installment of my “Summer is for Thrillers” series recently with this list of 8 Edge of Your Seat Thrillers to Read this Summer. In the days leading up to summer, I am releasing a big list of (mostly) new release thrillers each under different categories (Edge of Your Seat, Slow Burn, Dark and Twisty, Downright Scary and Tried and True Classic). Along side each category is a fun summer snack recipe. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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