Summer is for Thrillers: 2019 Summer Reading List


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Beachy reads, women’s fiction, romance….these tend to be the types of books most readers reach for while soaking up the sun on the beach or by the pool in the summer. I have nothing against the books in these categories; but this collection of titles is for readers who are looking for a little more edge to go with their pool-side margarita.

I released this list week by week, leading up to the start of summer and under five different categories. Paired with each category, I included a fun summer snack recipe, matching that particular brand of thriller. Below are the links to the book lists, by category (recipes included). In addition, the books are pictured below! Happy summer reading!

Week 1: Edge of Your Seat, Truffled Popcorn

Week 2: Slow Burn, Blue Cheese Stuffed Figs w/ Honey and Pistachios

Week 3: Downright Scary, Blood Orange Sherbet

Week 4: Dark and Twisty, Watermelon Mint Champagne Cocktail

Week 5: Tried and True Classic, Appetizer Cheeseburger Bites

Note: If I have read the book, I included my thoughts. Otherwise, this is a curated list from a few trusted book sources and from researching and reading a million reviews on Goodreads, blogs, Instagram and other places.

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  1. Love this! I’ve pinned it so I can make sure to try these recipes. I too tend to prefer a little more of an edgy read for my summer reading list. Great post!

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