Summer is for Thrillers #3: Downright Scary Books


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Series Description:

Beachy reads and women’s fiction tend to be the books most readers reach for while soaking up the sun on the beach or by the pool in the summer. I have nothing against the books in these categories; but this collection of titles is for readers who are looking for a little more edge to go with their poolside margarita.

In these next few weeks leading up to the start of summer in June, I am releasing a different installment of one huge “Summer is for Thrillers” reading list. Paired with each category is a fun summer snack recipe, matching that particular brand of thriller. The categories are:

Week 1: Edge of Your Seat, Truffled Popcorn

Week 2: Slow Burn, Blue Cheese Stuffed Figs with Honey and Pistachios

Week 3: Downright Scary

Week 4: Dark and Twisty

Week 5: Tried and True Classic

We are flying into week number three, and the choices here are best read by the pool in full sunlight. You will be so happy for the summer’s longer days and shorter nights, because less time for darkness also means less time to be shaking under your sheets from fright. Get ready to sleep with these books in the freezer.

Reading Snacks

Homemade Blood Orange Sherbet Recipe

Sitting by the pool, on the beach, at the lake or wherever you relax in the summer can be a hot affair. Read these chilling tales with a scoop of this Homemade Blood Orange Sherbet by your side.

The Invited has been on my radar for awhile. I read and enjoyed McMahon’s The Winter People and can’t wait to dive into this scary story about a couple who build a house on a plot of land that has a haunting past.

Little Darlings is the creepy tale about a mother who is convinced there is something not right about her twin babies. She thinks she saw something strange the night they were born and later, after they disappear at the park for a short while, they return and something seems off. I am sold on this unusual and interesting premise.

There is something about stories set in a cave. You take a caver exploring the depths, add in a greedy mining company and a potentially dangerous “something” down there with her and you have a story like The Luminous Dead. I love this kind of premise, and I can’t wait to check this one out.

Daughters of the Lake is a supernatural thriller and starts with Kate Granger who has retreated to her parents home on Lake Superior after the end of her marriage hoping for a new start. One morning, along with her father and his friend, she discovers a dead body that has washed up on the beach of the lake and not only that but it is someone she has seen in her dreams. Ghosts, a haunted house and a murder mystery are all favorite elements of mine in a scary tale.

Head Full of Ghosts, released in 2015, is a little older than the other titles on this list as I tried to stick with mostly books that have been released close to the last year. However, I only recently heard about it on a podcast (Episode 176 of What Should I Read Next), and I was immediately intrigued.

NOS4A2 is another older title (released in 2013). It has recently resurfaced and is being talked about a lot among my bookish friends. I have had it on my TBR for years and am hoping this summer, I can finally crack it.

What super scary books am I missing on this list?

4 thoughts on “Summer is for Thrillers #3: Downright Scary Books

  1. So excited about this list! I’ve read a lot of these.

    THE INVITED — scary, but not VERY scary. Not like THE WINTER PEOPLE was, in my opinion. Still a great read, though.

    I really wanna read LITTLE DARLINGS. That premise sounds so creepy!! Love it.

    DAUGHTERS OF THE LAKE — I’m a huge Wendy Webb fan. I liked this book a lot, though it wasn’t my favorite of hers. Not as ghosty as I was hoping for. Here’s my review and mention of her other books that I like:

    HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS — so, so good. Made MY list of top scary books last year!

    NOS4A2 — I haven’t read this, but a good friend has and he said it’s really good and really scary! I gotta put this one on my list.

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