Summer is for Thrillers Series #1: Edge of Your Seat Books


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Series Description:

Beachy reads and women’s fiction tend to be the books most readers reach for while soaking up the sun on the beach or by the pool in the summer. I have nothing against the books in these categories; but this collection of titles is for readers who are looking for a little more edge to go with their pool-side margarita.

In these next few weeks leading up to the start of summer in June, I am releasing a different installment of one huge “Summer is for Thrillers” reading list. Paired with each category is a fun summer snack recipe, matching that particular brand of thriller. The categories are:

Week 1: Edge of Your Seat

Week 2: Slow Burn

Week 3: Downright Scary

Week 4: Dark and Twisty

Week 5: Tried and True Classic

Truffled Popcorn Recipe

For the first installment in this five-part series, “Edge of Your Seat,” I selected books for their page-turning qualities. These books grab you and don’t let go. Slather on the sunscreen and settle in because you won’t be able to tear yourself away.

Reading Snacks

Eat this Truffled Popcorn while you read and forego the bother of having to turn your head away from these unputdownable books.   

No Exit is an action packed thrill ride for lovers of an edgy and intense story.

The Silent Patient is a fast-paced psychological thriller with an unbelievably shocking ending. Update: I read this in late May and loved it. It was a fast read with a twist that completely caught me off guard.

More of an emotional read, the Night Olivia Fell is a domestic suspense about a mother’s worst nightmare and her fight to find the truth about what happened to her daughter.

Everyone seems to be talking about The Current. I will be honest. I could not get through Johnston’s 2016 book, Descent, but even so, I could not deny his skilled writing. For that reason, I have this one high up on my TBR.

Verity is totally unlike Colleen Hoovers’ other novels. Readers say it is dark, shocking and unputdownable. It was the book most suggested to me on Instagram during a recent reading slump. I have a copy waiting on my Kindle. Update: I DNFed this one after about 100 pages. I will say that it is definitely dark and in the end, it was too dark for me.

The Last Time I Lied – A past incident at a creepy sleep-a-way camp….a woman involved in said incident returns as an adult to find out what really happened back then….sign me up!

The Night Before – (coming out May 14th). I keep hearing this one is best read without knowing too much about the plot so all I am going to say is, it starts with a blind date…

Dear Wife is a highly anticipated new release coming out this summer. An emotionally charged domestic thriller with a crazy twist, this one is already earning quite a bit of buzz. Get it June 25th!

Which books do you plan on reading this summer?

Do you like thrillers or more of a traditional “beach read”?

8 thoughts on “Summer is for Thrillers Series #1: Edge of Your Seat Books

  1. I read The Night Olivia Fell — it was pretty good. The Current is on my list; I, however, loved his The Descent. Popcorn in any flavor is a great accompaniment!

  2. I’m really intrigued by the CoHo one. I’ve never read that author because she strikes me as too schmaltzy (almost everyone mentions her books to me in the same breath as “I cried for days afterward!,” which is just not my reading style), but a dark, twisty book from her?? Might be for me! Unless there’s torture. That’s TOO dark for me. Or, the hurting of animals. Because, NO. …Thoughts??

    1. Yup, I am with you. I don’t normally like her normal style of book. EVERYONE loves this book. In the end, it was not for me but I do think it belongs on this list. Might have been better under dark and twisty though. If I had to do this list again, I might construct the categories a little different (I am learning!). DM me if you want to talk further about why I DNFed it.

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