Slice of Life: Summer Maxi Dress, Big Cloud of Lady Bugs and Thriller Books by Women…

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Slice of Life is a regular update on the latest in my life. This is where I write about my books, movies, tv, food, fashion, family or whatever subjects are on my mind that week. It’s just a little glimpse of my slice.

  1. I recently bought this maxi dress and am loving it.
  2. My boys are bug lovers and we recently marveled at this lady bug phenomenon.
  3. A favorite activity this summer with my boys has been going for a short walk in our neighborhood and then coming back to the house and doing yoga. The first time we did it, I thought they would last five minutes on the yoga portion of the activity, but they did. the. whole. thing. (And it was 40 minutes long!) We are now committed to continuing this a few times a week for the summer.
  4. I love horror books and this is a great list of some 2019 new releases.
  5. I recently displayed my love for thrillers with my Summer is for Thrillers series here on the blog, and this article about women authors in the thriller genre is truly amazing.

On the Blog this Week:

Summer is for Thrillers: Summer Reading List – My curated list of 37 (mostly new release) thrillers to read this summer.

Top Ten Tuesday: Unpopular Bookish Opinions – I like being popular (don’t we all?) but these are the bookish opinions I hold that I don’t always like to mention.

Currently Reading:

I am almost finished with Raven Black (paperback from library), and I think I might be adding Ann Cleeves to my list of authors who have completely mastered the slow burn, dark thriller. I recently picked up a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing at Half Price Books, and thought I would skim through it a bit to get some writing tips. I started it earlier this week and cannot put it down. I am reading Inheritance (E-book, Kindle app) with my friend down the street as a buddy read. I am enjoying it, but it is not especially captivating me. Yet.

Just Finished:

I really enjoyed The Gown, a historical fiction about the creation of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown. I will be doing a more in depth review with a recipe soon!

Did Not Finish:

No DNFs to report this week, but I did have several new books on my Library holds list (Libby app) come up at the same time, and I doubt I will physically be able to get to them (#bookwormproblem). They are: Commonwealth by Ann Patchett and the Which Way Tree by Elizabeth Crook (also a recent addition to my TBR).

Likely Up Next:

I don’t normally like books in this genre but I keep hearing about The Unhoneymooners which is about a woman who goes on her sister’s honeymoon (most everyone gets food poisoning at the wedding) with the best man (who she hates), and I am excited to try it out. Bonus: I won a physical paperback copy from an Instagram giveaway recently!

Listening to:

Still working my way through The Stranger in the Woods on audio. My summer schedule so far is proving to make it difficult to listen as much as normal, so I am behind on both podcasts and audio books. Thoughts on the book: He never would have lasted as long as he did in Texas. His camp was on private property?!? How did landowners not know he was there. He stole a lot. A lot, a lot. Still, I am fascinated at his quest for solitude and the information the author is providing about this subject (humans and solitude) in general. My introvert friends should read this.

Recent TBR Additions:

All three of these are new to my TBR as of this week. Magic for Liars, The River, and The Which Way Tree.

What is happening in your slice?

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