Slice of Life: Yoga for Kids, Introversion and Upcoming Summer Vacation…

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Slice of Life is a regular update on the latest in my life. This is where I write about my books, movies, tv, food, fashion, family or whatever subjects are on my mind that week. It’s just a little glimpse of my slice.

  1. One of the summer activities my kids and I have been enjoying is going for a short walk and doing yoga afterwards. We have just been doing whatever yoga practice I can find on YouTube, but recently one of my friends told me about Cosmic Kids Yoga. It is our new favorite.
  2. I seem to be becoming more of an introvert in my older age. I recently finished The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit, and this piece from Book Riot with books on introversion (one of the books listed is Stranger in the Woods) really resonated with me and has me wanting to learn more.
  3. We are approaching a busy time with summer day camp, a couple family road trips, visiting family and a few other fun activities. I plan on focusing on family and friends and also unplugging a bit. So, I am not sure how well I will be able to keep up with the blog over the next few weeks, but if you miss me or want to see what I am cooking and reading on vacation, come see me on Instagram.

On the Blog this Week:

My Favorite Books of 2019 (so far)

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Currently Reading:

I am reading Inheritance (E-book, Kindle app) with my friend down the street as a buddy read. I am enjoying the writing, but I think the subject (she finds out her father is not who she thought and has a crisis of identity) is just not really resonating with me. I recently heard about Heller’s The River (and bought the hardback), but found Celine available at the library (Libby app) so I decided to start it. Also, heard about it here.

Just Finished:

I loved Stephen King’s On Writing. It is part memoir and part writing instruction, and while I don’t always love his books, I found this to be literally unputdownable (picked it up to sample the writing and could not stop reading). I finished watching the Shetland series and was so sad to leave it behind, so I picked up Raven Black (paperback) from the library recently. It was perfect and just different enough from the show to keep you guessing. I listened to The Stranger in the Woods on audio (Libby library app), and found it fascinating. I have some issues with the amount of stealing he did, but overall I have great compassion for him. I also loved the historical and scientific info on introverts and seclusion in general.

Did Not Finish:

No DNFs to report this week!

Likely Up Next:

The Unhoneymooners has been on deck for awhile, but other books keep getting slotted in front of it. I picked up a copy of The River (Hardback) at Barnes and Noble this past weekend. I am toying with the idea of saving both of these for vacation in July and August IF I can wait that long.

Listening to:

I heard about The Which Way Tree recently from a fellow Dallas area Bookstagrammer and found the audio through the library (Libby app). So far, it is completely engrossing and right up my reading street. This is one I have not seen many places and so far it seems like it is going to be one of those more obscure gems. Stay tuned!

Recent TBR Additions:

I read and loved Ordinary Grace last year and saw that Krueger has a new book coming out later this year, so it made me want to check out Iron Lake. I have seen Searching for Sylvie Lee on Instagram and the premise, party mystery, part family drama, sounds interesting.

What is happening in your slice?

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